NeighborShare empowers frontline heroes by matching real community needs with donors who can help.

40% of American families can’t afford a $400 emergency.

NeighborShare can help. It works by giving frontline heroes—people who are embedded in communities and know exactly what their neighbors need when they need it—a way to share needs of $400 or less that would otherwise go unmet, and get help when other options have run out.

NeighborShare is how those case workers, teachers, healthcare professionals, and other community leaders can connect with donors ready to make a difference for families in need, and how donors can know that their money is being directed by an on-the-ground expert who is optimizing its impact.

Donors can give with confidence, knowing their contributions will go directly to real households with real needs.

We’re in an acute crisis, but this need has always been there and isn’t going away.

The COVID-19 pandemic disproportionally affects lower-income Americans who were already struggling to make ends meet.

Facing low wage growth, high unemployment, and expensive healthcare and housing, millions of Americans don’t have the resources to withstand the economic and public health impacts of an extended pandemic. Local nonprofit and government assistance programs do great work, but they often can’t help everyone who needs it.

That's where you come in.

Our lean team means no overhead costs for donors.

We started NeighborShare because we recognized the avalanche of need in our own backyard. We wanted to help frontline heroes share the stories of need they see every day so that our neighbors knew exactly where and how much to give in order to make a huge impact in their own community.

Since those early days, we’ve expanded into a team of 40 volunteers who believe in our mission of empowering frontline heroes and donors to make a difference.

Each story on our site is real and verified by someone working directly within that community. Donors can choose a specific story to support or can give to a general relief fund that distributes money across stories. 100% of their money goes to supporting a household in need, not to our own organizational overhead.

Meet households in need