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NeighborShare partners with community heroes at local nonprofits to identify pivotal needs that would otherwise go unmet and get resources directly to families when other options have run out.

1 in 3 of American families can't afford a $400 emergency.

We believe most people would lend a hand to a neighbor in crisis but identifying those real-time needs is next to impossible for the average citizen.

NeighborShare provides a simple, but impactful, solution that fills a critical gap in the ecosystem. We partner with community heroes— case workers, social workers, etc. who are on the ground in communities —to identify pivotal needs of $400 or less that would otherwise go unmet… needs that are otherwise slipping through the cracks and sending families into preventable crises.

When local options have run out, we use our platform to connect those critical needs with people who want to help.

NeighborShare is how those case workers, teachers, healthcare professionals, and other community leaders can connect with donors ready to make a difference for households in need, and how donors can know that the need has been verified and the money is being directed by an on-the-ground expert who is optimizing its impact.

Donors can give with confidence, knowing their contributions will go directly to real households with real needs.

Creating Real Impact

NeighborShare was started in 2020 by a dedicated team of volunteers and has made significant impact since its inception.

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