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NeighborShare is a direct giving platform that empowers donors to help others make ends meet within an ecosystem of trust.

Envision a world where every person’s financial safety net is strengthened by generosity toward one another.

At NeighborShare, our mission is to connect people in need directly with those who can give within an ecosystem of trust and mutual respect.

We partner with the institutions that understand communities best - local nonprofits and service organizations - to identify and validate stories of need that would otherwise go unmet, providing a new path when other options have run out.

Donors can give with confidence, knowing their contributions will go directly to real households with real needs.

We now face an acute crisis, but the need has always been here.

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered an avalanche of need in our own backyards. Households already in fragile financial states now find their situations increasingly untenable as the impact of the pandemic continues to grow. While local nonprofit and government assistance can help, unexpected events (like cancelled shifts, lost childcare) easily become financial emergencies for families that have little savings.

NeighborShare is here to give our frontline heroes a new way to spotlight often invisible but very real stories of need in their communities. Donors can become everyday heroes themselves and provide direct aid with confidence.