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About Us

Envision a world where neighbors can easily share what they have with one another.

The NeighborShare platform empowers institutions that understand communities best—local nonprofits and service organizations—by enabling them to introduce households in need directly to community members who are eager to share.

We now face an acute crisis, but the need has always been here.

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered an avalanche of need in our own backyards. Households already in fragile financial states now find their situations increasingly untenable as the impact of the pandemic continues to grow. While local nonprofit and government assistance can help, unexpected events (like cancelled shifts, lost childcare) easily become financial emergencies for families that have little savings.

NeighborShare is a platform that helps local nonprofits introduce households in need with community members who are eager to share. It makes it easier for nonprofits to highlight specific, validated cases of need and resolve them quickly.

Piloting a big vision with humble hearts and open minds.

NeighborShare was launched by a group of volunteers who saw the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic as a call to action. We are piloting this concept in our neighborhoods with the hope that it will expand to help other neighborhoods.

Share by giving to a neighbor.

Share by sending NeighborShare to someone else who will share.

Share by referring an organization to join the platform.

Thank you.